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  • Roksana Alizadeh

University of Michigan Medical School

  • Location

  • Ann Arbor, Michigan

  • Tuition

  • Over a hundred seventy five UMMS school members square measure collaborating in world health comes across the globe.

  • Students will partner with school members or interact in their own analysis and clinical experiences abroad.

  • At the University of Michigan, MSTP students enjoy a high level of support from faculty experts and peers, outstanding academic instruction and an abundance of research resources both on and off campus. We take great care in admitting the people we do, and we look forward to getting to know you.

  • Financial Aid

  • Admitted students square measure mechanically thought-about for all kinds of aid once they submit each aid application. Students with DACA standing square measure eligible for institutional aid, however cannot receive federal aid.

  • U-M scholarships: they provide scholarships that vary from a number of hundred greenbacks to full-ride (tuition and housing).

  • These embody Admissions scholarships, division scholarships, and donor-related scholarships.

  • At U-M grad school, aid is obtainable as a package — typically a mix of Federal Direct Stafford Loans, institutional and/or alternative federal loans, and institutional grants. The precise makeup of this package depends on a student’s individual context and eligibility.

  • GPA

  • Class average total GPA: 3.72

  • Class average MCAT percentile: 90.90

  • Acceptance Rate

  • Number of applicants: 8,272

  • Number of interviews: 468

  • Class size: 168

  • UMMS encompasses a total student body of 795, with concerning a hundred and seventy graduating annually (and adding to the ~20,000 alumni to date). UMMS maintains a formidable school to student magnitude relation of three.7:1. forty six of the three, 879 school members square measure members of the National Academy of medication, and fifty eight school members are elected to the Institute of medication.

  • The size of the teaching hospital related to U-M grad school has inflated from one 20-bed hospital with no in operation rooms in 1869 to a complete medical complicated nowadays. a number of the buildings among the Michigan eye square measure the University Hospital, A. Alfred the Great Taubman Health Care Center, C.S. Motts Children’s Hospital, Frankel Vessel Center, Rogel Cancer Center, and Von Voigtlander Women’s Hospital.

  • What it’s known for


  • 61.9% Biological Sciences

  • 11.3% Sciences (other than Biological)

  • 3.6% Technology, Engineering, Math

  • 23.2% Non-STEM

  • 20.8% Double Majors

  • U-M grad school offers a spread of medical programs. you'll opt to get an associate MD or a joint MD/PhD in any subject that connects to medicine—that may be one thing ancient, like cell biology, or additional artistic, like history. The college conjointly offers fourteen complete Ph.D. programs, twelve master’s degree programs, postdoc opportunities, and a number of other pre-med and post-bacc programs.

  • UMMS greatly emphasizes small-group and active learning.

  • UMMS conjointly provides innumerable opportunities for world engagement.

The University of Michigan Program in medicine Sciences (PIBS) invites students to explore your passion for science through our knowledge base entree program, that coordinates admissions and first graduate studies for thirteen academic degree programs with 500+ college laboratories.

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