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  • Rita Davda

Oregon Health and Science University

  • Location

  • OHSU medical school is located in Portland, Oregon

  • Average MCAT

  • The average MCAT score for OHSU is a 509

  • Student Testimonies

  • Students say that at OHSU, they learn to treat patients more like people rather than just a set of symptoms to treat


  • Students and staff generally like the school and do not regret attending

  • Extra Info

  • Curriculum

  • Patient Care and Procedures

  • Medical Knowledge (Knowledge for Practice)

  • Practice-based Learning and Improvement

  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills

  • Professionalism and Personal & Professional Development

  • System-based Practice and Interprofessional Collaboration:

  • These objectives are taught in OHSU

  • They begin by teaching the basics of biomedical and clinical sciences

  • Then they teach students about the blood and immune systems

  • Next they teach skin, bones, and musculature

  • Then cardio, pulmonary, renal

  • Then hormones and digestion

  • Then nervous system and function

  • Then the developing human

  • Then preceptorship and narrative medicine

  • And finally, the foundations of patient safety


  • Requirements

  • Premed reqs

  • MCAT scores

  • GPA scores

  • Possibly- essays, letters of rec, personal statements

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