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  • Alexis Tran

Medical School Prerequisites

There are many classes that aspiring doctors have to take to become eligible to apply for medical school.

If you are planning to apply for medical school, your first step is to create a list of schools you will apply to. Once you have decided on a list, you should look at all of the schools’ websites and see what classes you need to complete in order to apply for their school. Make a list of all of these classes, and make sure that these are on your schedule when you are in college.

In addition, keep in mind that it isn’t necessary to be a science related major to take the classes needed for medical school. Any major can take the prerequisite classes and complete the required classes for medical school.

Examples of prerequisite courses that most medical schools require are one year of biology with lab, one year of general chemistry, one year of organic chemistry, one semester of biochemistry, one year of physics with lab, and one year of English. In addition to the required science classes, it is also recommended that students take “Biology 305-306” as well as additional and advanced science classes. This helps to show medical schools that a student will be able to handle a rigorous medical school course load. Some recommended advanced classes are “Bio 214 Organismal Diversity”, “Bio 260 Preceptorship in Health or Veterinary Sciences,” “Bio 311 Pathogenic Bacteriology and Immunology”, “Bio 325 Vertebrate Anatomy and Embryology”, “Bio 335 Genetics and Molecular Biology”, “Bio 337 Cell Biology”, “Bio 421 Developmental Biology”, “CHE 307 Chemistry and Cancer”, “CHE Medicinal Chemistry”, and “CHE 341 Biochemistry”. You can also take electives that are offered through the different science related departments.

Here is a sample schedule for a student who is completing prerequisites for medical school:

It is recommended that most students should take at least two laboratory courses per semester.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of applying to medical school, compile a list of the possible medical schools you would like to go to. Look at these school’s websites, and find out what classes you need to take in order to be eligible for these schools. In conclusion, make sure to take these classes in college!

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