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  • Poorvi Kheni

Different College Schedules

A convenient college schedule can be an asset for freshman students, and those farther along. Preferences differ from one individual to another, so class subjects and times should be based on what one desires or can handle. However, organization skills and time management can be improved for a more efficient experience.

When choosing one’s classes, it is crucial to account for any separate classes or activities. Being aware of other commitments will ensure that an individual does not overload their college schedule. There are options for lighter loads during a semester if the student needs to prioritize life outside of college or maintain a job. In case of time conflicts, the individual can inquire about courses that offer classes during the evening or weekends. A balanced and well organized schedule can help prevent stress and early dropouts.

After receiving a schedule, the student should explore the campus and familiarize themselves with their classes. Maintaining a planner with different class times, assignments, and other commitments will help one prepare themselves. Time in between classes should be marked as well so the students know about their breaks and passing periods. Aside from a planner, a personal checklist can also help map out the tasks that need to be completed. Keeping track of assignments improves self-accountability, which is crucial for the hustle in college.

It is also important that individuals learn to effectively complete their assignments. Procrastination is a widespread problem that most people are guilty of. When in college, it is crucial to manage time and prevent procrastination, since it can have larger consequences. Studying is a huge part of college, whether it’s for midterms, finals, or any type of project, so being able to effectively allot time for the given exam is pivotal.

The workload can be overwhelming in college, but personal care and maintenance can help ease the stress. Evidence from the CDC states that physical activity has an impact on cognitive skills such as concentration and attention, and it also enhances classroom attitudes and behaviors. There are various exercises one can do if in a time crunch and daily walks to class can be quite beneficial. In college, a social life is just as important for one’s mental health. Individuals should go to a frat party or a movie with friends because college relationships are likely to last the rest of their life. Even relationships with their advisors or professors can help ease their worries about their future.

Many individuals look for employment during college since it is a crucial component of adulthood. Studies show that 45% of full-time and 79% of part-time college students have jobs. Money is required for basic necessities at school but it can also be necessary to pay off student loans. Furthermore, a job during college allows you to gain experience, which is important for future resumes.

A convenient college schedule can help individuals make the most out of their college experience. From class to their social life, it is crucial that they learn to organize and manage time.

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