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  • Eva Makarevich

Are Non Science Majors Easier To Get Into?

It is often speculated that some majors are harder to get into. The most common majors include: finance, biology, engineering, and political science. These are also the most selective majors at any university. When looking up your dream school, you have to start thinking about their acceptance rate and requirements, as different majors look for different character traits in your portfolio. Does that make any of the common majors easier to get into? No. Other majors are just as selective as science majors are.

So, what are the requirements colleges look for in different majors, and why is it important to know? Colleges will always look at what clubs and activities you have participated in during high school. Therefore it is better to find out what major you want to go into earlier rather than later. Different majors will look for different extracurriculars and therefore it is best to join clubs that are related to your choice of major. This levels out the playing field for majors and helps colleges admit the student who they believe is more passionate than other applicants. This applies to both science and non science majors, therefore not making it harder to get in.

However, some colleges are also aware of the very common occurrence of a student changing their major, which by statistics happens in about one out of three cases. In one of ten cases cohorts can even change their major more than once. Many colleges don’t even require you to decide on the major before your second year!

It also depends on what science major you decide on. Some science majors are harder to get into than others, the hardest on national average being Biology. The majority of students going into a scientific field typically apply for Physics, Biology, or Chemistry. Therefore it will be harder to get into those classes. However if you find a science major that is not as common and it still interests you, then it would boost your chances of getting into the college of your choice.

In addition to all this, it is important to keep in mind that colleges always select the most passionate students into their programs. Getting into business won’t be harder than getting into biology in most cases (unless the institution offers one of the best biology/business programs in which case the acceptance rate will be very different). Overall, however, it is proven that non science majors aren’t any harder to get into than a business major. You can do it!

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