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  • Roksana Alizadeh

Albany Medical College

  • Location

  • 47 New Scotland Ave Albany, New York 12208-3479

  • Albany , New York is the home of Albany Medical College and is a good match for those seeking a vibrant city atmosphere.

  • Tuition

  • For all full-time doctoral and masters students in the basic sciences, the cost of the annual tuition ($28,992) is covered by Trustee Tuition Scholarships. Ph.D. candidates should also see the comments under Predoctoral Research Assistantships above.

  • For part-time and non-matriculated students taking basic science courses, tuition is $929.00 per credit hour. Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration for the semester.

  • Student Health Insurance

  • Albany Medical College requires all students to be covered by comprehensive health insurance. The cost of this coverage is the responsibility of the individual student. Proof of coverage must be confirmed prior to the beginning of classes. Students have the option to participate in a College sponsored plan.

  • Financial Aid

  • The AMC Financial Aid Guide is your go-to document for all things related to financial aid at AMC, such as the AMC financial aid application process, tuition and fee charges, student budgets and anticipated expenses, aid disbursement, AMC time payment, available financial aid, federal student loans, tuition refund policy, Title IV Refund Calculation, and the like.

  • 1. “Scholarship” and “grant” aid are considered gifts and therefore do not need to be repaid. 2. Loans are funds that need to be repaid and should be considered as serious commitments. 3. Federal Work Study (FWS) is a student employment program that allows students to earn money in order to contribute to their college and living costs. 4. “Service Commitments” are programs that help students fund their education if the student agrees to serve for a specified number of years in a designated area or organization. Financial aid is based on the premise that the primary responsibility for financing a college education rests with the student and his/her family. Therefore, a portion of the student’s (and if married, spouse’s) resources is expected to be available for college expenses each year.

  • Average MCAT

  • Overall MCAT Score: 29.4 (out of 45)

  • MCAT Biological Science Score: 10.1

  • MCAT Physical Science Score: 9.8

  • MCAT Verbal Score: 9.5

  • GPA

  • Undergraduate GPA: 3.5

  • Acceptance Rate

  • A little over 3%

  • What it’s known for

  • The Alden March Bioethics Institute (AMBI), a multi-institutional bioethics research organization based at the Albany Medical College

  • Student Testimonies

  • According to Quora, Theodore Zeltner stated, “As a graduate of Albany Medical College, I received a first class medical education with excellent teachers, an engaging faculty and a pleasant learning environment. When you finish, you will be as well trained as anyone in the country and better than some! But what I found at Albany Med is that they admit and give opportunity to students with unusual backgrounds. Perhaps a bit older or with varied life experiences that might not be appreciated in other institutions that only look at Board scores and a college GPA. Albany Med gave me a chance when others didn’t and I have just finished my 40th year as an internist!

When you are looking st Medical Schools I would look at AMC very closely!”

  • Extra Info

  • Students at Albany Med range in age from 19 to 40. Student backgrounds are both diverse and impressive. The student body includes mothers, fathers, professional musicians, lawyers, Ph.D.'s, pharmacologists, and public health administrators. Students at Albany Med are as intelligent as they are diverse, supportive, caring, and actively involved in the community.

  • Requirements:

  • Baccalaureate degree the following pre-requisites courses with grades of C or better: (must be completed before matriculation) -General Chemistry I and II with Labs (8 semester hours)

  • -Biochemistry, Organic, or other advanced chemistry (3 semester hours)

  • -General Biology I and II with Labs (8 semester hours)

  • -Anatomy and Physiology I and II or equivalent with labs (8 semester hours)

  • -Microbiology with Lab (4 semester hours)

  • -Statistics (3 semester hours) -Psychology (3 semester hours

  • -English Composition or other writing intensive course (3 semester hours) Any one Chemistry lecture and any one Biology lecture within five years. All lab courses must be hands-on.

  • They do not have GPA requirements and look at all complete applications with a holistic approach

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