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  • Alexis Tran

Ways to Make Your Medical School Application Stand Out

Hello! If you’re here, you’re probably considering applying for or are applying to medical school. You might even be trying to plan out your college years and life so that you can try and make it into medical school. If you’re here for those reasons, don’t worry, we’ve got you!

One thing that will boost your medical school application is shadowing a doctor. Shadowing a doctor means that you follow around a doctor, preferably in a field you are interested in going into, and observe what this doctor does. This can help you get into medical school, because it shows medical schools that you are dedicated and interested in becoming a doctor. In addition, if you follow around a certain type of doctor, you can figure out if you’re interested in doing what that doctor does. Shadowing different types of doctors can narrow down what aspects you do and don’t like about being a doctor, as well as what type of doctor you want to be. Also, if you complete more shadowing hours than the recommended amount, this can help to boost your medical school application.

Another way that you can stand out on your medical school application is to do research and internships. Research can help your medical school application to stand out because it can give you a deeper understanding of a medical related field. It also tells medical schools that you are interested in learning, and that you’re interested in learning more than just what you’re learning in school. Remember that you don’t have to do research that’s related to a medical field. You can do research about anything you’re interested in! You’ll do a better job of researching if you’re researching something you’re passionate about. In addition, being an intern also helps you stand out in your medical school application. A lot of colleges offer internships that focus on hands on experience in medical school. This can help pre-med students. In addition, you can also do a fellowship as a medical student, where you are learning directly from a professor.

In college, outside of the pre-med classes that you are required to take, there are a lot of classes that can help you to stand out on your medical school application. These classes can also help you when you are in medical schools. These classes are, biochemistry, physiology, calculus, ethics, psychology, genetics, statistics, sociology, and public health.

Another experience that you can have that will add to your medical school application is studying abroad. Most medical schools like it when you take classes within the U.S. However, if you are interested in studying abroad, and have something you really want to study, you should study that. Having experiences that you are passionate about and make you happy will stand out on your application.

An important part of your application is your MCAT score. Medical schools will use your MCAT to gauge how ready you are for medical school. It is a very important factor in your application. You should aim for a 513 or higher on your MCAT to get into medical school. Also, remember to check the minimum score required for certain schools.

Other experiences that are good to have for your medical school application are leadership experiences. These are very important for your medical school application because leadership experience can show you have good communication skills, something which is necessary in being a doctor. . You should try out for leadership positions at your school. These positions are important because you will get to know your school. You will also get to know other people, and gain interpersonal skills that are very important for being a doctor.

Volunteering is also another important experience that can help to boost your medical school application. Volunteering can show medical schools that you are dedicated, and that you care about other people. That is a very important part of being a doctor.

In conclusion, to boost your medical school application, you should shadow doctors, gain research and internship experiences, challenge yourself beyond traditional pre-med and science classes, and volunteer in meaningful ways to help people that you care about.

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