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A Closer Look


Journey to Medicine is a nonprofit organization that provides students interested in medicine with the tools necessary to thrive in the medical field. Through our website, students are provided with various informational articles, videos, and programs that familiarize them with the required steps prior to entering the field of medicine, methods to increase one’s chance of achieving this goal, and general information about the medical field.​ Competitions regarding medicine are also offered through our organization, providing students with opportunities to garner experience in their journey.  

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Analyzing the data

The research sector researches the various topics that are covered within the website, including article content, medical schools, medicine specialties, and more. They provide detailed information and data that they find about the topics through their research which the journalism and presentation sector utilize when creating different media such as articles and videos. Additionally, researchers are in charge of finding answers to questions that users ask on the website. 

Website Development

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The web development sector creates and constantly updates the website. They use their programming skills with coding languages such as Html and Python to upload the website designs, articles, videos, and programs that the other sectors have completed onto the website. Through programming, the web development sector is also in charge of ensuring the website runs smoothly and improving the user experience.


Writing on Tablet

The journalism sector writes and edits informative articles about the topics covered on the website. They use the research sector's research and implement their advanced writing and editing skills to create articles that allow the users to thoroughly understand the topics. Writers and editors focus on engaging users that learn best through reading and would like to receive more in-depth information regarding the topics.

Website Design


The website design sector creates and maintains the design and aesthetics of the website. Website designers outline every aspect of the website, ranging from the structure of every page to the color choices used on the website, making sure that the website captures the users’ interest with detailed aesthetics.


The presentation sector creates videos regarding the topics covered on the website. They use the research sector's research to write detailed speeches about the topics and create online presentations for users to follow. With the implementation of their public speaking skills, presenters create informational and interesting videos for users, engaging those that learn better through videos.


Image by Benjamin Sow

The publicity sector promotes the organization. They help run the website’s social media accounts, design the merchandise the website offers, create and update the website’s logo, design social media posts for promotions and announcements, and reach out to the public.

Our Story

August 6, 2020

This is a memorable day in our organization’s history. The day marked when Journey to Medicine became an idea, and an initial draft of our organization’s purpose was planned out. We possessed a great desire to provide students who were interested in the medical field with information that will help them succeed on their path. With a passion for medicine ourselves, we wanted to advise members who sought assistance on medical topics due to high schools not providing the needed materials for success in the medical field. 

November 16, 2020

Wave 1 of our activities was split into two parts. With the commencement of Wave 1 Part 2, the organization saw vast improvements, with the expansion of our teams and the beginning stages of development for new programs. The publicity team was split in two and the merch design and logo team were introduced. Work was completed much more productively and efficiently with this introduction. Furthermore, the MedicineBowl and the organization’s innovation competition was in its drafting stages, and the team worked hard to finalize ideas on these two programs throughout the time period of Wave 1 Part 2. 


September 23, 2020

Activities officially commenced more than a month after the organization’s foundation of ideas. With the start of Wave 1 of our events, we began researching high school, college, medical school, and medical topics. The Journalism Team wrote articles about the topics discovered by the Research Team. We created slides, presentations, and videos to teach students about various materials including the SAT, AP’s, and college prerequisites. Our initial work on the website began simultaneously, as the layout and aesthetic were created and evolved into what our site is today. 

Join Our Story!


With the vast expansion of our organization since it has begun, we are excited to discover what new experiences await us in the future. We look forward to doing our utmost ability to work for you, our supporters, and students. Though the future is long away, we are excited to unveil all we have planned. Anyone is eligible and encouraged to join our team to work with us and further our goal of educating members on the journey to medicine. 

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