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Journey to Medicine

Providing students the tools necessary to thrive in the field of medicine


Our articles are written for students to immerse themselves in informative subjects describing the path to the medical field, medical topics, and various guides to colleges. Students who find themselves confused about how to make themselves stand out to high schools, colleges, and medical schools in a competitive field will feel much more confident once they read the step-by-step, in-depth guide our articles present.



For students who are visual learners, look no further! Our team works hard to deliver numerous videos to provide detailed explanations on how to succeed on your path to college, medical school, and the medical field. With the information presented in a visual environment, our videos make the learning process for students fun, engaging, and efficient.


Our team has worked hard to develop programs for any student to participate in. These programs will give students more hands-on experience in medicine topics and challenge their critical thinking skills to test if they are ready for the obstacles they must overcome. Currently, planned events include webinars, workshops, mentorship programs, a MedicineBowl, and an innovation competition.


Our organization generates zero profit, and all expenses the organization covers come from donations. Your support is what keeps our organization running and is the foundation of all the incredible events our team has hosted and plans to host in the future. We would love to keep working together for the benefit of members who need assistance on their path to the medical field, but our hard work stems from your support. Any donation, small or big, will greatly help us accomplish our tasks. Thank you again to all our wonderful supporters!

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